Eighty two minutes! This is the maximum time that a major samba school in Rio de Janeiro has to walk the runway during the Carnival. More than 4,000 costumes , seven or eight huge chariots and an orchestra of 350 instruments must show their qualities in this short period to try to win one of the most played in the world championships . Every detail, every feather , every paetê makes the difference, get the victory consecrated and the desire to return to play again the following year.

Mostra Valeria levi e eu

It is in this moment between the two battles, that schools return to prepare for the next competition , and here the exhibition Rio Carnival collects materials to extract its greatest strength. The involvement of the artist Valeria del Cueto , the knowledge gained through many years of almost daily contact with the world of Rio Carnival, it allows her  to move easily between the different spaces / work stations  that make up the system and fantasies allegory of a school of samba  known as shed. Her watchful eyes and always curious highlight colors, shapes and report the simple and unexpected , reveal the magic and the work that lies dormant behind the materials and practices of the carnival. As the object of her exhibition , this is his the greatest  good.

 Mauricio d'Paula

Through the eyes of Valeria we go for a walk between the real and the dream that allows us to see what works and creativity in the preparation of an event which , not surprisingly , is called ” the largest folk festival in the world “. The careful choice of viewing angles , cuts and textures of images of fast moving parallel to the choice of the samba school to be addressed through the lens of the artist: the Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel, one of the most important carnival groups in the country, is consolidating with the concept of modernity , combining visual recourses of visceral quality to the sound of their drums.

It is this mix of contemporary and traditional at the same time, which will be elaborated through the photos in the exhibition taking on a job of transforming a job in a light-hearted, beautiful and charming.


In dealing with the backstage of a samba school and the construction phases of his show, the images selected for this exhibition interact with each other in unexpected and surprising , uncorking new perspectives for the understanding of an event highlighting the ephemeral and the load work and art that contributes to a splendor that show for a few minutes during the carnival, but photos of Valeria perpetuate in our retinas.



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